In gratitude for all the blessings bestowed upon us, we give to advance God’s work in the world, striving to transform lives and to help create God’s kin-dom “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

The generous support of members and friends allows Kirkwood United Church of Christ to . . .

•nurture the faith of young and old

•inspire and empower our worshippers

•serve the needs of others, both near and far away


A Commitment to Mission

In 2017, Kirkwood UCC committed to tithing—that is, to using one-tenth of all our revenue for mission efforts. Thus, every ten dollars donated means another dollar for outreach. We anticipate income of $229,000 and, accordingly, anticipate spending $22,900—our “first fruits”– to support local, denominational, and global ministries. Click here to learn more about the ministries we support–what they do and how we play a part.

Local Ministries

  • Kirk Care
  • God’s Helping Hands
  • Gateway ONA
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • St. John’s UCC
  • St. Louis Assn. Community Ministry
  • Kirkwood Ministerial Alliance

Denominational Ministries

  • Neighbors in Need
  • Christmas Fund (Veterans of the Cross)
  • Strengthening the Church
  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Our Church’s Wider Mission

Global Partnership

  • Guatemala Partenrship (CEDEPCA)

Faithful Stewardship

Many gifts allow Kirkwood UCC to have an impact well beyond what might be expected from a congregation of our size.  Our members share hours of time and enormous talents to teach and guide our youth, create inspiring worship and music, serve our community and the world, and maintain our church home. Such generous efforts are valued as the foundation of stewardship at Kirkwood United Church of Christ.  We know, as well, that our monetary offerings permit us to maintain the programs that are vital to living our faith.  Please consult our ministry pages to learn more about the service we devote to God and the world around us.  To see how we gather and use our financial resources, use this link to review our  budget for 2018.

Building Community:  Facility Renewal

Kirkwood UCC is also raising funds to renew our church facilities to support our ministry to our congregation and to the wider community.  To learn more about our purposes and plans, or to give to these projects, please click here.