Facility Renewal FAQs

FAQs_no click_edited-1Why aren’t we adding an elevator?

Cost. The only feasible location is already occupied by our mechanical systems. The elevator alone would cost well over $200,000, and moving electrical and plumbing equipment would add even more expense.

What about Sunday worship?

The sanctuary is not being altered. Crews will clean up weekly to ensure access to our worship space.

What is expected timing?

Due to time required to obtain permits and materials, demolition and construction began in October. later than originally planned. Renovations are now in their final stages and work on the building should be complete by the end of January, 2018. Parking lot repairs have always been planned to occur last, in the spring, due to weather concerns and to minimize damage to the new surface.

Will changes add to operating costs?

The internal footprint doesn’t change so our utility bills should not change. During construction our heating bills increased temporarily as certain areas were not fully insulated.  Once work is complete, our space should actually be more energy efficient than before.

How will we pay for all of this?

Funds on hand and pledges of support will cover both anticipated costs and overages.  Well over half of the overall cost is being paid for by gifts and bequests from friends and members. When the need for a new roof became apparent, members came forward with additional pledges to support that work.  $114,000 from the sale of our old parsonage provided seed money, and the congregation authorized  using  $110,000 from the Endowment Fund. Cash flow will be eased by a $100,000 loan from the Rott Foundation and a $10,000 grant which accompanies the loan.  We expect to repay the Rott loan in full by 2020, when pledges to our capital campaign are paid in full.