What You Can Do NOW!

Make a gift!  Your support is essential. The total cost for improvements we have decided upon will be approximately $450,000. The congregation has voted to  raise half of that amount, supplementing  funds in hand. Thanks to  early pledges, we have reached almost half of that goal.

We need YOU to help us raise the remaining $105,000 through gifts or through pledges  which can be paid over the next three years. We are asking all of our members and friends to join the effort by faithfully considering what God is calling each to give.  Please pick up a Gift Agreement card at church if you need one, and mail it back with your commitment or bring it with you to worship by March 26. If you have questions about the proposed projects or how you can give, please email them to Council president Carrie Mershon.

Levels of Giving, Schedules for Payment–What Fits You Best?

The charts below show possible levels of giving and various payment schedule options.  If another payment schedule suits your situation better, we welcome your giving as works best for you.  If everyone can help, success truly is in sight.  Together we can provide a comfortable home for every person’s spiritual growth, and we can grow collectively in our ability to serve God and our community. Giving Chart Horizontal


Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions 

Small group meetings will be scheduled to take place in homes so that anyone with questions can ask them in a comfortable setting.  You can also use the icon to the right to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or call Pastor Betsy at 314-882-4629 or Council President Carrie Mershon at 314-324-3836.



After years of study, prayer, and discussion, on September 25, 2016, the congregation approved a plan that will maximize use of our first floor, provide a second accessible entrance to the building, and make our driveway and parking lot usable and safe for the next several years.

Changes in our physical facilities will help us fulfill our mission. Our reconfigured space (made flexible with some movable partitions) and second accessible entry will allow every person to participate in every church function, with no mobility barriers. This change is essential to honor our commitment to be WELCOMING. Our newly usable space will also support the efforts of KUCC’s ministries and of community groups that gather in our facility during the week. Supporting these activities is essential to remaining PROGRESSIVE and RELEVANT.

Interior Redesign

Floorplan with wordsPlans call for removing the current office walls and moving the offices to the area now used for adult education. They also call for removing the wall that currently separates the Friendship Room from the gathering area. The result will be a large commons at the top of the stairs as you come in from the parking lot. Operable dividers between classroom spaces will allow the west end of the building to be reconfigured for multiple uses.  We will add a full kitchen in the Friendship Room space, with our new commons providing room for coffee hour and fellowship meals. We will also be adding a new unisex accessible restroom and a closet for table storage  Our primary contractor, Stauder Architecture, a Kirkwood firm specializing in church design and renovation, estimates these renovations will cost $226,600. For more detail, click here.

Second Accessible Entry and Parking Lot Safety

Plans call for installing a lift in the stairwell from the back parking lot so that individuals can enter at ground level and exit at the main level, near the doors to the sanctuary. Lawlor Corporation estimates this project will cost $68,090.  Plans also call for repairing and resurfacing the parking lot. DuraSeal Paving estimates these repairs will cost $47,937.



Graph_edited-1To the $342,627 total of the estimates we have been given, we are adding a $55,895 contingency allotment for unforeseen expenses, $14,669 for debt service, and $30,000 for necessary furnishings and appliances. This brings our goal to $443,191, which we have rounded up to $450,000. Obviously, we hope we may not need the entire $55,895 cushion or the entire $30,000 for furnishings and, thus, can keep costs lower. If you would like to see more detail concerning budget and floorpans, click on the icon to the lower right.

We estimate that plans and permits should be in order by early July, when actual construction can begin. Stauder assures us that our sanctuary will be clean and available for worship on Sundays throughout the renovation.

Since we are using monies from the Endowment Fund to help pay for our projects, any funds raised beyond what is needed will be returned to the Endowment Fund to replenish its balance.