We have programs for all ages so that everyone can learn, grow, and gain a deeper understanding of God’s purpose for us. Classes provide a safe, open environment in which all are free to explore, question, and consider both biblical teachings and issues in the world around us. The photos below show some of the faculty of Eden Theological Seminary who have led adult ed classes for KUCC.  To learn more about classes for adults, click here.

We approach Christian Education as integrally bound up in the living of our daily lives. Our learning must inform our doing, and our doing must continually be reshaped by greater understanding of God as revealed to us through Jesus Christ. So Christian Education is not a “some-time” thing for us; it is an all-the-time process. We believe that from adults’ sharing time and caring with them, our children learn to understand Christian love and service, and from our young people, adults, in turn, discover their own renewed faith. To learn more about programs for children and youth, click here.

The photos below show youngsters creating mummies as part of the fun of our Thursday evening LOGOS program..