KUCC is a Global Mission Church

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What is a Global Mission Church?

A congregation is designated a “Global Mission Church” by the United Church of Christ/ Global Ministries if it is a church that:

  1. Prays regularly for partners, missionaries and the world.
  2. Educates its members (from preschool to adult) about global issues.
  3. Seeks Justice for the “least of these” in the international community.
  4. Receives the gifts of the global church.
  5. Gives to the work of global mission.
  6. Sends its members into the world to share the Good News of Jesus.
  7. Grows in sharing the story of God’s mission with others.

KUCC continues to participate in Global Mission in many ways:

  • Financial Contributions (OGHS, OCWM, response to natural disasters)
  • Sponsoring a child in Botswana
  • Walking  with other churches in the annual CROP Walk
  • Sending groups to Guatemala to learn through a partnership with CEDEPCA-Guatemala (2012, 2016)
  • Receiving groups from CEDEPCA-Guatemala to learn about our culture along with topics that will help with their work (2013 , 2014)