Adult Programs

The Adult Education Program at KUCC provides a safe, nurturing, and non-judgmental environment for adults to explore the life-long journey of their faith. Classes meet regularly on Sunday mornings and various evenings throughout the year. Sunday topics relate to the intersection of one’s faith with spiritual practice, the Bible, and contemporary issues. Evening classes focus on specific studies or books and meet intermittently. Discussions are always lively, respectful, and thought-provoking. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Sunday  Morning  times: 10:45 – 11:45

Sunday Evening times: 6:30 P M

Sunday morning and evening programs  will meet in the Adult Education classroom unless otherwise announced.


 October 8, 15, 22, 19–Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream

For those who have a deep concern for our world and want to make a difference, we invite you to take part in an inspiring exploration between three key facets of a “new dream” for humanity and Earth:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social Justice
  • Spiritual fulfillment

These classes are an interactive, eye-opening, and often transformative experience that employs powerful video elements, thought-provoking interactive exercises, ritual, meditation, and group interaction. You will come away with new and deeper levels of both awareness and readiness for effective action, with a profound sense of hope. You won’t want to miss one session! Presented by the Pachamama Alliance, led by Jan Stocking, Diza Velasco and friends of Rockhaven Ecozoic Center. These classes will be held in the KUCC sanctuary.